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Introducing the DreamStation Go

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The portable CPAP machine market became more crowded in 2018 when Philips introduced the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP machine. If you’re looking for a second machine for travel or as a backup for your primary machine, the Dreamstation Go is a strong contender. It boasts a sleep sleek, modern design and weighs less than 2 pounds. This device features a compressed footprint with an integrated power supply which reduces the number of parts you have to keep track of. The DreamStation Go has other features like a built-in USB charging port, which we all know is crucial in this day and age because heaven forbid our phone die and we have to be without it for a short period of time! This feature is super-convenient and allows for outlet utilization for other accessories as well. An additional feature of the Philips DreamStation Go is how suitable it is for airplane travel. I’m sure we all know how chaotic airport security can be and all the delays that it entails, but the Philips DreamStation Go CPAP is FAA-approved, allowing for in-flight use from an AC power source or the DreamStation Go battery pack. Additionally, a key feature that differentiates the DreamStation Go CPAP from other travel machines like the ResMed AirMini, is the colorful and intuitive touch screen which enables easy utilization of the patient settings. Another key difference in the AirMini and DreamStation Go is that the AirMini is only compatible with three ResMed masks, whereas the DreamStation Go CPAP Humidifier is compatible with any mask. Finally, Bluetooth compatibility allows for tracking your progress at home and on the move with Philips’ free DreamMapper app.

Customizing the DreamStation Go

There are some great accessories available for the DreamStation Go, including the following: 

The newly released heated humidifier is a real game-changer as this makes the DreamStation Go the first portable CPAP machine with a true humidifier.

dreamstation go with humidifier

The manufacturer states that any water is permitted to be used in the humidifier, not just distilled or boiled water, which is also revolutionary. We’ve reached out to the Philips team to get more details on how it’s possible to use tap or bottled water in the humidifier and not risk respiratory ailments but, at the time of publication, have not received any details back.

The humidifier’s water preserving technology allows for evenly distributed humidification throughout the night. If you underfill or forget to fill the water chamber altogether, the heater plate shutdown feature on the Dreamstation Go humidifier will activate and eradicate any dry air from being dispensed throughout the course of the night.

Additionally, the Philips DreamStation Go overnight battery pack allows for 10 cm of pressure with an average duration of 13 hours. Mind you, the time can vary due to many factors such as exceptionally leaky mask, higher CPAP pressure settings, altitude temperature, and more. Overall, this is a great travel accessory for those who like to go “off the grid” for their vacations.

Some of the smaller accessories include the travel case, which comes in two available sizes: small and medium. The small travel case only fits the DreamStation Go and comes with a washable bag, which can hold your tubing, mask, and extra filters for your device. The medium size travel case provides room for the DreamStation Go and the battery. Both of these cases provide protection for your device when traveling and help keep your accessories organized.

The DreamStation Go 12mm micro-flexible tubing is six feet long, super-lightweight and compatible with any mask. The tubing should be changed at least every six months. It is recommended to replace the DreamStation Go air filters monthly.

User Feedback

The DreamStation is relatively new but preliminary reviews are positive. Patients like how it works with any mask and the thin tubing seems to be a big hit. However, the device is not quite as small as the AirMini. There have been a few complaints about noise, particularly while inhaling, although it's not clear if the DreamStation Go is any worse in this category than any of the other portable machines. 

The DreamStation Go has a big fan in NFL star defensive lineman Fletcher Cox who said this about the product: 

DreamStation Go is a huge advantage for me. The moment I saw this day I actually got excited because it is on the back of my head and not right in my face, so I can move however I want to sleep and my older tube is way bigger, where the DreamStation Go is way smaller. I can always take my phone charger and plug it inside and charge my phone up…. It’s a little thing, but it is big to me because that is less luggage I got to have. I can be a better teammate and a better leader. 

            All in all, if you’re in the market for a portable CPAP machine, the DreamStation Go makes a very compelling case for your investment. We are really excited about the humidifier component which has the potential to solve one of the biggest problems with portable machines: dryness. We will continue to add  DreamStation Go accessories to our online store as they become available so check back regularly!

sleep apnea test home sleep study Joseph Krainin Joseph Krainin, M.D., FAASM is the founder of Singular Sleep, the world's first online sleep center.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and board-certified in both sleep  medicine and neurology. He has been practicing medicine for over 10 years.

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Andrew Margetts
Andrew Margetts
My DreamStation Go I have had about 14 months. I have the medium travel bag, battery pack, no humidifier, full face mask and run at 8 cm. I found it most convenient when travelling Australia to Vanuatu in December 2018. It is said in the above notes to replace the 12 mm tube every six months. My first tube only lasted 3 months, my second tube only 3 months. My next tube 3 months. I think this needs to be improved/modified if I were to get six months!!! It becomes a bit frustrating at 2 am to have to get some elastic sports tape to wrap around it. The tubing breaks in the same spot each time. This is just adjacent to the firm white rubber part that connects to the face mask. After taping I can get a few more weeks until it breaks adjacent to the taping. I work in engineering and I’m sure a modification to manufacture might not be that difficult to achieve. Are other customers having similar issues with this hose?? Overall I am impressed with the machine. I await your reply. Regards Andrew Margetts Toowoomba Queensland Australia P. 042 888 7906

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