$ 195.00

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This service is for our board-certified sleep doctor, who has extensive experience in working with veterans to service-connect their insomnia, to review your records and determine if he can write a valid nexus letter in support of your claim. 

After you submit your order, we will email you further instructions within 1-2 business days for uploading your pertinent VA and medical documents as well as a form that you need to complete regarding your history. 

You will receive a determination as to whether the doctor will be able to write you a valid nexus letter (and DBQ if requested) within 3 business days of submitting the required documents. 

If you qualify for a nexus letter, you will be sent an invoice for $650. DBQs are an additional $300. You will receive your documents within 7 business days of your payment. Nexus Letters and DBQs are non-refundable once you have received your documents. 

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