$ 195.00 USD

This service is for our board-certified neurologist, who has extensive experience in working with veterans to service-connect their medical problems, to review your records, and determine if he can write a valid nexus letter in support of your claim. 

After you submit your order, we will email you further instructions within 1-2 business days for uploading your pertinent VA and medical documents as well as a form that you need to complete regarding your history. 

You will receive a determination as to whether the doctor will be able to write you a valid nexus letter (and DBQ if requested) within 3-5 business days of submitting the required documents. 

If you qualify for a nexus letter, we will send you an invoice. DBQs are an additional charge. We will send you draft documents to edit. Payment is required before we can release the final, signed copies of the documents to you. You will receive your documents within 7 business days of your payment. Nexus Letter and DBQs are non-refundable once you have received your documents. 

We will do our very best to find a way to work with you to link your medical problem to a valid service-connected disability. 

If you have any questions contact our veterans' services department directly at (904) 643-2800.