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Are you looking to purchase a small, travel-size BiPAP machine? There has never been a portable BiPAP machine on the market before but Singular Sleep is in close contact with a manufacturer who has such a device in development. No longer will you have to lug around your large BiPAP machine when pursuing activities such as traveling, hunting, camping, or sailing!

Our sleep physician, Dr. Krainin is actively guiding the company to ensure that the product is excellent. While we don't know the release date yet, sign up below to get notified as soon as the travel BiPAP machine is available to order: 

Advantages of a travel BiPAP machine over a travel CPAP machine:

  • Better oxygen saturation - if you have low baseline oxygen levels during sleep, BiPAP assists your breathing muscles and is much more effective at boosting overall oxygen levels than CPAP. 
  • Enhanced comfort and more tolerability at higher pressures: the number one reason people fail CPAP is that they have difficulty exhaling against strong pressures. BiPAP fixes that problem by dropping the pressure considerably when you switch from inhalation to exhalation. 
  • Better treatment of severe OSA - BiPAP can go to 25 cwp whereas CPAP can only go to 20 cwp. Severe cases of OSA may require pressures higher than 20 cwp for full treatment.