$ 800.00 USD

The Resvent iBreeze APAP machine includes an integrated humidifier and a 3.5" touch screen to navigate the machine's many useful features that ensure comfortable therapy. 

Resvent iBreeze Auto-CPAP Machine Features

  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Audible alarms for power failures
  • Compatible with all CPAP masks
  • Power saving mode
  • Sleep data on the main screen
  • Mask fit checker
  • Smart Ramp Settings
    • Ramp Time: 0-60 minutes
    • Time Increment Unit: 5 minutes
    • Pressure Increment Unit:  +0.1 cmH2O
    • Auto Ramp Option: Yes
  • Pressure relief: The Intelligent Pressure Release (IPR) feature of the iBreeze APAP machine allows the user to have a lower exhalation pressure vs. the inhalation pressure for more comfortable therapy.
  • Intelligent Humidification: the integrated smart humidifier responds to changes in your environment like temperature and humidity to provide optimum humidification.

Data Management

  • 1-year statistical data storage unit
  • 1-week high-resolution data storage
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPRS Connectivity features
  • ResAssist provides easy sharing of patient data

What's Included?

Resvent iBreeze APAP Machine
Carry Bag
Power supply adapter
Standard Tube
Air Outlet Connector
Air Filter
SD Card
User Manual
Two-year warranty