$ 328.95 USD

The Freedom V2™ CPAP Battery gives you the freedom to power your PAP device when and where you need it!

The Freedom V2™ is the perfect solution for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. It’s great for use in tents, RVs, travel trailers, and boats. It's also ideal for those who love to travel abroad as it meets FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries that can be taken in carry-on baggage. 

When inclement weather strikes you can use the Freedom V2™ CPAP Battery as a backup power supply during power outages so you never have to worry about another sleepless night without your CPAP machine.

The easy-to-read digital display indicates the remaining charge level of the battery and if you need more power you can always pigtail two Freedom V2™ batteries together.

Going off the grid or just need even more time to enjoy your travel adventures? With the addition of the Auto Charge DC Cable or with the addition of the SunPower 50W Solar Panel you can charge it using the power of the sun. 

As an added bonus the Freedom V2™ CPAP Battery features a 5V USB port and a DC input cord that let you charge most common handheld devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets.

150W Sine Wave Power Inverter Kit powers the following machines: 

  • Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP
  • Z1/Z2 Travel CPAP
  • Transcend Series Travel CPAP
  • 3B Medical (REACT) CPAP & BiPAP machines
  • Fisher & Paykel CPAP & BiPAP machines
  • DeVilbiss CPAP & BiPAP machines 

Note for the Battery + Bridge Cable KitNo CPAP machine connection cables or battery charging accessories/adapters are included. The Battery + Bridge Cable Kit is included when a dual battery kit is ordered so two Freedom V² batteries can be connected for longer run times. It can also be ordered as a replacement battery for an existing Freedom V² CPAP Battery Kit.

More Features

Provides 12V direct current to operate most makes and models of PAP devices. View the Specifications information below for device compatibility and average run time information.

Use in a single battery configuration or pigtail two Freedom V2™ batteries together for even more power.

Digital display screen shows the remaining power level of the battery.

Use as a backup power supply so your PAP therapy is not interrupted in the event of a power outage.

Remain compliant with your PAP therapy no matter where your world takes you! Great for use on land, at sea or in the air.

Options for charging the Freedom V2™ CPAP Battery in a vehicle. 

Not just for your CPAP machine… the 5V USB port and included DC input cord allow you to power your other small electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

UN 38.3 tested so the Freedom™ CPAP Battery meets all current requirements for shipping via land, air or sea.


Freedom V2™ CPAP Battery

AC Power Supply

DC Power Pigtail Cord

DC Input Cord

NOTE: If this is your initial purchase of a Freedom V2 battery, you must choose the correct adaptor for you.


Cell Type Industrial grade lithium-ion
Capacity 97.68 Wh
Output Voltage Range 9V-12.6V DC
Output Current 8A maximum
USB Output Current 5V DC | 2A
Power Gauge Digital display charge level indicator
Charge Time 4 hours (per battery)
Life Span 400-500 charge/discharge cycles
Case Aluminum alloy scratch resistant shell
Dimensions 7.5 " x 4.8" x 0.8" (L x W x H)
Weight 1.7 lbs


Average Run Times: 1-3 nights at an average usage of 7-8 hours a night