$ 450.00 USD

The ZMachine sleep study EEG test:

  • tests for sleep apnea safely in the comfort of your own home
  • records EEG as well as sleep breathing data to give you information on stages of sleep including REM
  • is more accurate than traditional home sleep apnea tests (including the ApneaLink, Alice NightOne, CleveMed, Accusom, Snap, and Watch-PAT) because it allows the sleep doctor to make sure that only the data from when you are sleeping is used in the analysis
  • is a type II sleep device that meets FAA standards for sleep studies

The EEG and sleep study report will tell you if you have sleep apnea, what type of sleep apnea you have, and how bad it is as well as how much time you were awake, in light NREM sleep, in deep NREM sleep, and in REM. 

The EEG during the sleep study is recorded with two easy-to-apply sensors behind your ears. 


Are EEGs usually done during sleep studies?

EEGs are always done during in-lab sleep study. The ZMachine is unique in that it's a sleep study that you can set up yourself and conduct at home that also includes EEG. 

What happens if I do this EEG test sleep study wrong? 

If you don't perform the study correctly, we will let you know and you will be given the opportunity to repeat the study for only the cost of shipping and handling. We want you to get an accurate sleep study!

Who reads my home sleep study with EEG?

A board-certified sleep physician will interpret your study. We will email you the report when it is available. 

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