$ 179.00 USD

**Please place the order under the patient's name and with the patient's contact information. 

**Available to residents of all states except RI, HI, DE, & ND. 

The NightOwl: A Safe, Accurate & Affordable Home Sleep Apnea Test 

Introducing the NightOwl sleep study, an inexpensive, disposable home sleep test!

  • The test device is FDA-approved and meets DOT requirements for diagnosing sleep apnea at home.
  • The NightOwl sensor simply attaches to your finger with medical tape (included).
  • The sleep test accurately detects abnormal breathing events by monitoring an artery in your finger. No sensors are needed on your face and you can get a diagnosis without a trip to the sleep lab. 
  • We can determine remotely whether you got enough good data and if you didn't for some reason, you can repeat the test at no additional charge. 

Singular Sleep is offering this test for the lowest available price! We will beat any other company's price on the NightOwl. We are committed to offering you this home sleep apnea test at the most affordable price. 

Note:  a smartphone (Android or iOS operating system) is required to utilize this device. 

The sleep study test will include a report for one night. If you would like to purchase an analysis of additional nights, you may click here. This may be useful if you're testing your sleep in different situations like with or without a mouthpiece, sleep medication, or special pillow. 

NightOwl by Ectosense FAQs

I want to know if this is a safe sleep test. Has anyone ever used the NightOwl device before me?

No! These are single-use devices which prevents any possible exposure to COVID-19 or other communicable diseases.

Will I be able to tell if I did the NightOwl test correctly?

Yes, we will be able to remotely receive your data shortly after you complete the test and if you didn't get good data, we will simply have you repeat the test with the same device. 

What will the report show?

The report will show your AHI (abnormal breathing events per hour) which is used to determine if you have sleep apnea and if you have it, the severity. It will also show oxygen level and heart rate data and an estimation of wake and sleep time during the recording period. 

How accurate is the NightOwl by Ectosense?

The NightOwl is FDA-approved for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. If you are at risk for a more complicated breathing disorder due to an underlying heart, lung, or neuromuscular disease, home sleep apnea tests are not currently recommended. 

Can the NightOwl by Ectosense tell if I'm awake or asleep?

The NightOwl accurately estimates whether you are awake or asleep by tracking your body movements with a technology that has been used in the field of sleep medicine for years called actigraphy.

What type of shipping is used for expedited shipping?

We use USPS Priority Express for expedited shipping. 

What is the difference between "regular" and expedited results?

The sleep study report will be delivered to you by email within 2-4 business days with the standard order ($179). Expedited results will be delivered to you within 1 business day of you succesfully completing the study. 

What does the consultation include?

The consultation will be 20-minute live video consultation with our board-certified sleep doctor during which the doctor will explain your NightOwl home sleep study results report to you, review your treatment options, and give you a prescription for the appropriate treatment. 

What will the NightOwl sleep apnea test report look like? 

Please see the sample report in the images section on this page.