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Due to frequent inquiries from veterans for assistance in their pursuit of VA disability benefit claims for sleep apnea due to in-service events, we have created a special sleep apnea nexus letter program. The program includes 2 steps:

Step 1. Records Review

The doctor will review the medical evidence for your VA disability claim and determine whether or not you are eligible for a Nexus Letter and/or DBQ.  - $195

  • Schedule your records review by clicking here
    • NOTE: If you don't have a record of your sleep study report you will have to repeat a sleep study. If you order a home sleep apnea test  through Singular Sleep at the same time that you order your records review, we will give you a 15% discount on the sleep study ($250 instead of the regular $295). Use promo code USASTRONG.

    Step 2. Nexus Letter Generation with or without DBQ

    If the doctor can support your claim and you would like to proceed, the doctor will write a custom nexus letter based on your specific circumstances - $800

    Successful links that we have been able to establish between sleep apnea and military service include:

    • PTSD as an exacerbating factor for your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) due to arousal-related ventilatory instability 
    • Service-related injuries leading to reduced activity and weight gain which resulted in OSA
    • Sinus conditions that caused or exacerbated OSA. 
    • Asthma
    • Medications for service-related depression and pain causing weight gain which resulted in OSA
    • TBIs or cervical spinal cord injuries leading to central sleep apnea (CSA).
    • Opiate medications needed to manage service-related injuries leading to central sleep apnea CSA.
    • NEW: Diabetes mellitus, type 2

    Online DBQ - $300

    This involves meeting with the doctor telemedically for a short interview so he can evaluate your sleep apnea and its current impact on your life. 

    Testimonial from Actual Client Timothy Rodriguez

    I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the Singular Sleep team as well as Doctor J. Krainin for helping me with my Sleep Apnea appeal claim with Veteran’s Administration.

    I have had Sleep Apnea for over 20 years as it is related to my “Service Related” Asthma and have been dealing with the associated issues like; hypertension and hypersomnolence which made it tough on my career in IT as well as with my family life.

    After I submitted a claim to the VA for Sleep Apnea, it was quickly turned down to my disbelief. I had done tons of research and it all points to being directly related to asthma by studies year after year. In doing my research I came across Singular Sleep and saw that they were experts in sleep apnea and have written Nexus letters in the past.

    At first, I was skeptical until I spoke with their team as they displayed a genuine care for my health first and how they can help me in my plight with the VA. They scheduled a screening video call with Doctor Krainin and when I did a background check before the call, I realized I was working with one of the top recognized doctors in this field and was confident he could help me.

    Doctor Krainin carefully vets out his patients to ensure they have severe sleep apnea and that if there was not recent testing done will initiate the testing himself. He doesn’t accept all applicants unless he knows he can help which is reassuring.

    The doctor wrote a great Nexus letter as well as the optional “INDEPENDENT MEDICAL OPINION” (IMO) which I highly recommend. 

    Thanks to Doctor Krainin and the Singular Sleep team, I have been awarded 50% VA disability as a condition of asthma. If you are thinking of submitting your initial claim or appealing the initial decision, I would highly recommend working with the Singular Sleep team and stop wasting valuable time and money. Semp Fi!

    VA nexus letter OSA