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Test CPAP at Home

Check Your CPAP Machine's Pressure at Home

Do you suspect that your CPAP machine might have lost pressure? Studies show that if your CPAP machine is more than 3 years old or has not been well cared for, it may no longer be able to generate the prescribed pressure. Check your pressure easily by renting our certified CPAP manometer (pressure gauge).

Step 1:

Order your manometer rental by clicking here.

The rental costs $25 + shipping and there is a $15 hold which will be refunded once the manometer is returned in working order. Compare at $78 + shipping to buy the manometer outright.

Step 2:

Check your CPAP's pressure.

Step 3:

If your CPAP's pressure is low, you may use the cost of the rental towards the purchase of a new CPAP machine through singularsleep.com