What is Dr. Krainin board-certified in?

  • Sleep Medicine & Neurology

How do I sign up for the records review program? 

  • For Veterans already diagnosed with sleep apnea: click here 
  • For Veterans who think they might have sleep apnea, click here to order a home sleep study. Use promocode: USASTRONG on your order for a discount. Should you test positive, then click the link above to order a records review. 
  • For Veterans NOT diagnosed with sleep apnea, but with insomnia: click here.

What happens after I pay $195 and have signed up for the records review program?

  • An automated email is sent to you via the email address used at the time of purchase, listing specific records we REQUIRE on file for your claim. Please only send us the documents listed in this email. Sending us additional documents may delay your determination. 
  • Once ALL the records have been submitted, Dr. Krainin will review and within 7-10 business days, we will notify you with a determination regarding whether we believe we can assist you with your claim.
How do I send the requested documents or records to Singular Sleep? 
  • Email to, which is a HIPAA-compliant email service, or fax to 844-841-8454.

Why can I NOT submit records via the US Postal Service? 

  • We are a “remote” telehealth sleep clinic/office. We do not have the capacity to handle physical records. 

What happens after my case has been approved or denied by the physician?

  • If you are approved, further instructions will be emailed to you. You will be given the option to request a nexus letter, DBQ, or both.
  • If you are denied, the physician will give reasoning as to why, and what we would need in order to help you in the future.

Why is an appointment necessary in order to complete a DBQ?

  • Since 2021, DBQ forms have required an "in-person evaluation" by the physician completing the document. Telemedicine encounters satisfy this criterion. If it is found that a proper examination was not conducted, the VA can discredit the DBQ, not consider this as evidence, and discard this document.

What are the costs of the different services offered by Singular Sleep, LLC related to veterans? 

  • Records review (RR) and an IMO/Nexus Letter (NL) = $995
  • RR, IMO/NL, & DBQ = $1,295

Do you offer rebuttal letters? If so, what is the cost?

  • Yes, should your claim get denied, we can write you a rebuttal letter for $450. Please understand this is an extensive and time-consuming process and we have to charge accordingly.

What is a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) Form, and how does it help my claim? 

  • When submitting evidence to the VA, typically they require you to complete a C&P Examination with their VA-provider. During this examination, a DBQ will be completed by the VA-provider. Unfortunately, this often is used against the veteran with a “less likely than not” determination, resulting in the denial of your claim by the VA. Our internal research has shown that submitting a DBQ from Dr. Krainin with your nexus letter is associated with a much higher rate of success for your claim. 

When will I receive my completed documents?

  • Nexus letters: after you have been approved for a nexus letter, you will be sent an invoice to place a $400 deposit. Once the nexus letter is completed, we will send you a final invoice for $400. Once you have paid this, we will email you the final, signed document. It typically takes from 10-20 business days from the time you submit the deposit for us to complete the nexus letter. Please note: some letters take longer to complete than others and we are dedicated to ensuring all of our veterans get quality nexus letters pertinent to their case.
  • DBQs: you should receive your completed DBQ within 10-20 business days after your online visit with Dr. Krainin. 

How will I know that my documents have been received in their entirety after I’ve sent them, via email or fax, to Singular Sleep? 

  • Please do not contact us about this. We will reach out to you by email if we need any further documents from you to complete your file. 

What if the records are insufficient, and more documentation is needed for you to complete a nexus letter or DBQ for me?

  • We will reach out to you by email if any additional information, or documents are needed including what specific records are necessary to move forward in the program. Failure to comply or provide the requested documentation to us may result in delays or a possible “denial” from the physician due to noncompliance. In this event, you would forfeit your deposit. 

What if my claim is awarded by the VA?

  • Please email us at and let us know! We love to hear back from our veterans especially if their claim was granted with our help!

What if my claim was denied by the VA after receiving a nexus letter and/or DBQ from you?

  • Again, please let us know. Although it is difficult to hear that outcome from our veterans we may be able to still help. Follow-up with us via email if this happens to you. After reviewing the VA’s decision letter, we may be able to offer you further assistance in the form of a rebuttal letter (see above). 
In order to save our Records Review department precious time, and expedite the process, we kindly request that all correspondence to the Record Review department be made via email ONLY and please allow 1-2 business days for a response. Please do not try to call the main customer service line to inquire about the process nor status.