If you have scheduled an online consultation with our sleep physician, payment in full must be made before the consultation begins. All supporting documents (new patient form, photo ID, previous sleep studies if applicable, etc.) must be received before the consultation begins as well. If these documents are not provided before the consultation is scheduled, then the appointment will need to be rescheduled. A new appointment date and time will not be booked until the necessary documents are received.

In the event that a patient wishes to cancel an appointment, he/she may do so for a full refund. The exception to this policy is if the patient notifies Singular Sleep within 24 hours of the appointment that they wish to cancel; in these cases, the patient will be refunded the full consultation fee minus $30. 

Additional Fees

Your online consultation fee includes, upon your request, copies of your prescription for treatment, consultation note, and an invoice. The following services will incur additional charges:

  • Transmission of records to outside facilities - $15 charge per fax. 
  • Additional prescriptions - $15 each.
  • Medical document completion - $15 per page.
  • Custom medical letters - $50. 
  • Expert medical records review - $350/hour.