Getting VA Disability for Insomnia 

Did you know that the VA awards service-connected disability for insomnia? If you have chronic insomnia that you believe is due your military service, schedule a records review today. 

Overview of Our Process: 

Step 1 - Records Review: $195

  • Submit your VA disability documentation showing that you have a service-disability that can cause insomnia such as:
    • tinnitus
    • chronic pain disorders
  • Complete our online questionnaire 
  • Our board-certified sleep doctor will review your information and make a determination if he will be able to write you a valid nexus letter and/or DBQ.

Step 2: Nexus Letter, with or without Disability of Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)

  • Nexus letter: $800
  • DBQ: $300

The nexus letter and DBQ will be delivered to you within 7 business days. There is one free edit allowed if you would like changes made.