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Setting Up Your Home Sleep Apnea Test

Please follow all instructions carefully to avoid any testing errors.

If you are uncertain about the success of your test call (844) 757-9355, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST before sending it back.

Step 1

Insert the 2 AA batteries into the Alice NightOne device.

Step 2

Connect effort belt: Place the belt around your chest (over clothing) and adjust so that it is evenly aligned with both nipples and very snug, but not uncomfortably tight. If you are a woman with a large chest who has difficulty getting a proper belt fit, place the belt snugly against your ribcage at the level of your lower bra-line and then tighten snugly. Make sure the clips on both ends of the belt are FIRMLY pushed into the white recording device.

Step 3

Connect nasal cannula: Screw the connector on the nasal cannula onto the threaded port on the white recording device until it is firmly attached. Place the cannula tube behind your ears and route it under your chin. Slide the adjuster on the tube up to your chin until secure. Secure the cannula tubing to both cheeks with a small piece of the provided tape.

Step 4

Secure the pulse oximeter: place the SpO2 finger sensor onto your index finger and route the wire over the back of your hand. Secure the pulse oximeter cable to the back of your hand with a piece of the provided tape.

Step 5

As each sensor is connected, its corresponding light on the left-hand side of the recording device should display solid green, and then eventually turn off. This means that the device has begun recording, and you may go to sleep.

Step 6

In the morning, press and hold user button for several seconds until the Good Study Indicator (4 green wedge-shaped lights) flashes to end the study and stop the recording. Wait at least 60 seconds, and press and release the user button to display the Good Study Indicator – if it displays all 4 wedge-shaped green lights, this means the device has collected sufficient data, and you should send the unit back to Singular Sleep. If it displays fewer than 4 green lights, do not return the study and call Singular Sleep at (844) 757-9355 to troubleshoot.

Step 7

Return the test and instructions in the box provided. Batteries and cannula are disposable.

Troubleshooting and Tips

If any of the sensor lights flashes yellow, try adjusting that sensor and waiting 10 seconds until it glows green.

The effort belt should be tight enough that the belt’s elastic stretches when the chest moves with normal breathing.

The sensor prongs on the nasal cannula should be facing up and inserted into your nostrils. We recommend using two small pieces of the paper tape included in the kit to secure the cannula onto your cheeks.

We recommend securing the finger probe by placing a piece of medical tape on the back of your hand.

If you need to get up in the middle of the night (e.g. to use the restroom, check on children, etc.) do not stop the study. Please leave it on and running; our sleep doctor will be able to exclude any data from wakeful periods during the night.