How to Setup a CPAP Machine at Home

Meet online with our respiratory therapist, who is also a registered sleep technologist (RPSGT), to learn how to set up your CPAP mask and machine. She will teach you about:

  • how to get and maintain a proper CPAP mask fit
  • how your CPAP machine works
  • usage recommendations for best results
  • how to use the smartphone apps for your machine to understand how well you are doing
  • hot to use the ramp feature of your machine
  • how to use the heated humidifier
  • how to keep your equipment clean
  • what parts need replacing and when
  • any other questions you might have

We specialize in how to setup Philips Respironics and Resmed CPAP machines. Appointments are 20 minutes in duration and performed via HIPAA-compliant video. 

Schedule your appointment below: