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The fastest home sleep apnea test available! No screening, surveys, or doctors' appointments required. Single-use, disposable unit for safety & convenience.


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Test in the comfort of your own home

Simply wear the WatchPAT ONE for one night. Your data will be remotely sent to our board-certified sleep doctor for review.

The Fastest Sleep Apnea Test Possible

If your doctor has required you to have a sleep apnea test, we know that time is of the essence for you. We can get you test results in as few as 3 days with expedited options.**

Avoid the Sleep Lab, Save Time & Money

In-lab sleep studies can cost thousands of dollars and interfere with your work schedule. Our test is $215 and is done in the comfort of your home.

Complete Sleep Apnea Solutions Are Available

Should you need it, our online doctor can give you a prescription for CPAP and write you a letter requesting an extension for your medical card.

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Affordable On-The-Go Sleep Testing

We know that your livelihood depends on getting this test done. We want to make the process as easy and foolproof as possible.

    • No referral or prescription required
    • Ships within 2 business days
    • Standard results within 2-4 days after the test
    • Expedited shipping and study interpretation options are available

The Latest Disposable Sleep Apnea Technology

A simple smartphone app securely transmits the WatchPAT ONE's data immediately to the cloud for Singular Sleep's board-certified sleep doctor to review.

    • Detects both obstructive and central sleep apnea.
    • Advanced oxygen data analysis.
    • Accurately estimates light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

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  • Board-Certified Sleep Doctor Owned Practice
  • Testing & Treating Since 2015
  • Meets DOT Requirements
  • Completely Private Results
  • HSA & FSA Approved
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