$ 1,660.00 USD

The Resvent iBreeze Auto-BiPAP machine includes an integrated humidifier and a 3.5" touchscreen to navigate its many useful features created to ensure your success with the therapy: 

Resvent iBreeze Auto BiPAP Machine Features:

  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Audible alarms for power failures
  • Compatible with all CPAP masks
  • Power saving mode
  • Sleep data on the main screen
  • Mask fit checker
  • Smart Ramp settings:
    • Ramp Time: 0-60 minutes
    • Time Increment Unit: 5 minutes
    • Pressure Increment Unit:  +0.1 cmH2O
    • Auto Ramp Option: Yes

Auto-BiPAP Technology

For patients with serious respiratory disorders or comfort issues, the Resvent iBreeze offers the same BiPAP technology as other leading brands. The  Auto Bi-Level automatically delivers a higher pressure for inhalation and a lower pressure for exhalation to ensure comfort and compliance throughout the night. 

Intelligent Humidification

The integrated smart humidifier responds to changes in your environment like temperature and humidity to provide optimum humidification.

Data Management

  • 1-year statistical data storage unit
  • 1-week high-resolution data storage
  • ResAssist provides easy sharing of patient data

What's Included?

  • Resvent iBreeze BiPAP Machine
  • Carry Bag
  • Power supply adapter
  • Standard Tube
  • Air Outlet Connector
  • Air Filter
  • SD Card
  • User Manual
  • Two-year warranty