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DreamWear's unique design offers many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks to allow patients to have the best of both mask types. Allowing more freedom of movement and more comfort than their prescribed mask, DreamWear patients feel like they are not wearing a mask at all. Now with the option of either an under-the-nose nasal or gel pillow cushion. Simply swap out one for the other without the time-consuming step of re-fitting a new mask or headgear. *This item is the gel nasal pillow mask. For the under-the-nose nasal mask, click here.

This item is a "fit pack" that provides all three sizes, so there is no need to measure or guess what the proper size will be. If you already know your size, click here!

Designed to provide many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks, DreamWear allows patients to have the best of both mask types. Its remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so you can sleep comfortably. The minimal-contact, under-the-nose cushion prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge.

Unrestricted by cumbersome tubing, you can sleep in any position you prefer - on your stomach, side, or back.

DreamWear's soft, flexible silicone cushion and frame provide a soft touch on your cheek.

**Please note: This product requires a prescription. If you are an established Singular Sleep patient (you have had an online consultation with Dr. Krainin), we have your prescription on file and you may order this product. If you are not an established patient, fax your prescription to us at 844-841-8454 or securely upload it below. If you don't have a prescription, you can download our prescription request form , have your provider sign it, and return it to us, or contact us to schedule an online consultation to obtain one. Or upload your prescription securely here:

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DreamWear Nasal Pillows Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack
$ 109.00

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