$ 25.00 USD

SleepWeaver Cloth Elan Nasal CPAP Mask (without Headgear): Non-Prescription

Get the corresponding SleepWeaver Elan Headgear without a prescription here.

The Mask/Cushion is a simple replacement item that allows the patient to personalize their Élan mask with five available styles to choose from. The Mask/Cushion is just the cloth portion of the mask interface and is easy to replace.

*Please note: This Elan mask cushion is intended only as a replacement item for a fully-assembled mask; it cannot be combined with the separate Elan headgear to form a fully-assembled mask.

The recommended replacement of this type of component to the mask interface is every 3 months.

  • breathable, non-allergenic, soft-cloth technology quietly inflates like a balloon to create an airtight seal while eliminating leaks, pressure points, sore spots, and pinching
  • exhalation holes under the mask match up with your natural nasal exhalation
  • mask angle design so exhalation doesn’t bother you or your bed partner

SleepWeaver Élan Mask/Cushion

  • Mask/cushion (available in small, regular and large) -  click here for a printable sizing guide!
  • Quick Start Illustration Guide


      *Important fitting information: to ensure that you order the correct size and adjust it properly, please watch these instructional videos.