$ 125.83 USD

Stop Snoring with the new Rematee Expandable Bumper Belt sleep shirt- Purchase Without A Prescription (unlike Zzoma)!

Singular Sleep Top Seller!

  • Unique positional anti-snore device used to treat snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders
  • Unlike Zzoma, available without a prescription. 
  • The anti-snore shirt recommended by over 1,900 sleep doctors
  • Inflatable bumpers on the back of the belt will keep you sleeping on your side.
  • Non-invasive, comfortable and affordable anti-snore solution.


  • Comes with shoulder straps to keep the belt in place
  • Made of soft and durable Neoprene
  • Available in 3 adjustable adult sizes
  • Inflatable bumpers allow for customized support and deflate for compact traveling
  • Fastens with high-quality durable Velcro
  • Guaranteed to keep you comfortably sleeping on your side
  • Designed for snorers and people with sleep-disordered breathing
  • Designed to be worn loose around your chest
  • Covered by a one-year warranty
  • A comfortable, affordable, and effective alternative to CPAP
  • Reimbursable by some private health insurance providers

 Read about WebMD's positional treatment recommendations for snoring

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