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Singular Sleep FAQs

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Singular Sleep FAQs


What is Singular Sleep?

Do you accept health care insurance?

Is my electronic health record kept private?

Do you accept CareCredit?

Do you offer payment plans?

I have a question that isn't listed below. Can you help me?

Home Sleep Testing

Do I need a prescription for a home sleep test?

How long will it take to get my home sleep apnea test?

What happens if I have a problem setting up the home sleep test device?

Have other people used the device before me?

What is the cost of a home sleep test?

How long will it take to get the results of my sleep study?

I live outside of the United States. Can I order a home sleep test?

Will my primary care provider get a copy of the home sleep test report?

In which states can I get a home sleep test?

What happens if I break or lose the sleep testing device?

Can I get a DOT- or FAA-mandated sleep study through you?

Do you accept CareCredit?

I have a pacemaker and/or an ICD (implanted defibrillator). Will I be able to use this test?

I have a cold. Should I wait to do the sleep study?

I take sleeping medications and/or drink alcohol to help me go to sleep. Should I avoid this before the sleep study?

Online Consultations

Which sleep disorders do you treat?

Can Singular Sleep help me obtain medical leave or disability, or fill out medical forms?

Does Singular Sleep treat other medical conditions besides sleep disorders?

How much does an online consultation cost?

Will I get a prescription from my online consultation?

How do I schedule a consultation?

What times and days of the week are available for consultations?

Can I use a mobile device for a consultation?

What happens if there is a technical problem with the consultation?

What are the technical specifications needed for a consultation?

I live outside of the United States. Can I schedule a consultation?

In which states can I get an online sleep consultation?

Will my primary care provider get a copy of the consultation?

Will I get refills for my prescription?

Will I need blood work done?

Can Singular Sleep send prescriptions to Canadian, online, or mail-order pharmacies?

Is it possible that my sleep evaluation might lead to a referral to see another provider?

What if I need to change or cancel an appointment?

What if I forget to attend the appointment?

What if I am running late to my consultation?

What paperwork do I need to fill out before my consultation?

Can you do prior authorizations for prescription equipment or medications?


When will I receive my product?

Which products require a prescription?

How can I obtain a prescription for a product?

What is your return policy?

Which health care professionals can give me a prescription?

What does my prescription need to say exactly?

Do I have to pay tax on my purchase?

How can prescriptions be submitted to you?

CPAP Therapy

I don’t like using PAP and wearing the mask to bed, what can I do?

Why am I still snoring?

Why is my PAP machine giving me gas and stomach bloat?

Why does my BiPAP machine feel like it's not breathing with me?

The pressure is making it difficult for me to fall asleep, what can I do?

How do I stop my pillow from breaking my mask seal when I sleep on my side or stomach?

How do I stop my mask from leaking?

How do I fit my mask correctly?

What can I do to stop my mask from irritating me and causing soreness and bruising?

Why do I keep taking my mask off during the night while I'm sleeping?

I am claustrophobic and cannot get used to the nasal mask. What can I do?

Why are my eyes dry and swollen in the morning after using PAP?

Why are my nasal pillows causing soreness?

What is the whistling noise I hear from my mask?

What is the noise me and my bed partner hear coming from my mask?

My machine stopped working, what do I do?

How do I stop getting tangled in my tubing during the night?

How do I stop pulling my machine off the nightstand?

What can I do about dry mouth and throat as well as nasal congestion caused by PAP use?

How do I stop water from getting in my tubing?

What is the white/pinkish film in my humidifier water chamber?

What happens if I spill water on to my PAP machine?

My bed partner is complaining of a loud noise coming from the machine. What is causing this?

Nexus Letters and DBQs

What is a nexus letter for sleep apnea?

What is a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) for sleep apnea?